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Along with 6,000 plus tour guests, Jon and I woke up early today to attend the 53rd annual Haus and Garten tour in Columbus’ historic German Village. The tour is an all day-long celebration of renowned designs, enchanting gardens and award-winning restorations. Years ago I attended this tour and I have wonderful memories of the homes I explored. So, naturally, I was really looking forward to heading back to German Village, after many years, to tour a new set of homes.

Well, while my memory was right about the beauty of the houses and landscaping, it was foggy on the amount of people who also attended. I do not want to categorize the event as black or white, good or bad, but I definitely have some mixed feelings on the tour.

Out of the few houses Jon and I did go through, the architecture and design elements were fabulous and worthwhile seeing. Looking at the outside of these compact homes doesn’t provoke much shock. Conversely, when stepping foot inside and seeing how these small spaces are brilliantly decorated is really astonishing!

However, that is the extent to which I enjoyed the tour. Aside from the imaginative decorating, the lines to enter the homes were gruelingly long, and that is putting it kindly. I mean testing-your-patience long. Maybe if the temperature was not 90 degrees and the sun was less blazing the lines would not have been so miserable. But, that was not the case. Jon and I got so frustrated sweating and standing in crowds for twenty plus minutes to reach a house that I was more interested in lunch and dessert than I was in the tour.

The part of the German Village experience today that did excite me was the food! For lunch, we ate at the Brown Bag Deli on Mohawk St. It was FABULOUS! The deli featured tons of made-to-order, flavorful sandwiches, fresh salads and many creative side dish options. I would definitely recommend stopping in this colorful deli for a quick lunch or dinner! As an added bonus, they have great outdoor seating options that allow for people watching!

After walking around German Village for a while after lunch, Jon and I needed a little something sweet to refuel. Pistacia Vera fit the bill. After talking to a cheerful employee, we were encouraged to try their signature item…Parisian macarons! OH MY DELCIOUSNESS! These petite, light meringue sandwich cookies filled with buttercream were TO DIE FOR!! We tried 3 flavors: black raspberry, key lime curd, and coconut creme. These were, by far, some of the most scrumptious desserts I have ever had!

Overall, I would say German Village makes for a fun afternoon, filled with delicious cuisine. However, I would recommend passing on the next Haus and Garten Tour, due to the lines and crowds, and explore German Village on your own!