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I typically dread Sundays…they mark the closing of another weekend, they are days filled with homework and days when professors choose to send lengthy e-mails. Nothing like seeing Jones (generic last name) on my phone that reminds me I have yet another week of listening to personal, financial problems and outdated stories of my profs. Lucky me! However, all that gloominess has recently changed when I was introduced to “The Queen of Mean” at 9 p.m on NBC.

Still unsure as to who I’m talking about? None other than insult comic…..Lisa Lampanelli!!

One of my favorite shows, although I have way too many (insert Jon rolling his eyes), is Celebrity Apprentice. I started tuning in to watch Teresa Giudice, hopefully flip the boardroom table, but sharp, biting comments intervened and Lisa Lampanelli became my new obsession.

I laugh, I cry, I get frustrated, more than a therapy session could accomplish, in the two hours I spend pretending Lisa Lampanelli is my bff. Not only are her descriptions of cast mates character traits and work ethics dead on, Lampanelli is spot on with her impersonations. I literally have stomach pains from laughing so hard!

My personal favorite Lampanelli line from last night’s episode was in the preview at the end when she told Lou Ferrigno “I do the job and you do not so get ready for an elevator ride…LOU.” You tell him who’s boss!

Aside from her personality that draws me in, Lisa Lampanelli is an extremely hard worker and strong player on Celebrity Apprentice. She in constantly coming up with creative ideas and focusing on the task at hand, without complaining or having a bad attitude.

On a side note, Lampanelli is bff’s with Bethenny…I’m still waiting on my invite to join their group! Until then, I will continue tuning in to watch Lampanelli take on cast mates and destroy them with her fierce one-liners. Team Lisa!