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Every home has a story and in a city that never sleeps, every New York City apartment has a broker. That is the exact premise of HGTV’s hit series Selling New York. Each week, the show documents powerful real estate brokers at 3 boutique agencies who help ultra-rich clients buy and sell real estate in Manhattan. With an average client willing to pay upwards of $5, $15, $25 million for view, space and location, cameras capture the luxury properties and interesting people looking to buy.

While the clients are fascinating to watch, the real estate brokers are even more remarkable. Running through the frenzy that is New York City, the agents featured are witty, sharp and cut-throat. All three firms, Core Group NYC, Gumley Haft Kleier and Warburg, are opulent agencies selling to the who’s-who of NYC. They manage to pull off unimaginable real-estate deals while racing around the city in their Christian Louboutin’s. What could make for better TV?

But, above all, the properties steal the spotlight. A peak inside the most exclusive addresses in Manhattan sparks curiosity and intrigue from audiences all across America. Each week jaws drop looking at real estate valued at more than most could fathom. For the brokers, it is just another day at work.

For an exclusive tour inside lavish Manhattan real estate, tune in to Selling New York, Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. on HGTV.