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First off, I’m sure you are noticing that my blog design has changed. Well, I want to thank Jon’s bother, Jake, for creating a header and re-vamping my site! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I LOVE my new page design! I really do need to learn Photoshop…Jake made it look so fun!

Even more exciting news, Jon and I are headed to Chicago in a little less than a month! Jake invited us to join him, and a few of his friends, for the Timesflies/IanJ concert! I am sooooo excited!! I have actually NEVER been to Chicago so I am really looking forward to this quick trip.

So, I need your help! Jon and I will be there for one weekend and we want to pack in a lot of sights and activities. I have been looking online and we definitely want to check out Skydeck, Millennium Park (the standard sights) and Sprinkles Cupcakes (I LOVE cupcakes and Sprinkles is fairly close to our hotel)! We are staying in the Magnificent Mile/Downtown area so I am hoping to get a lot of shopping in as well, pending Jon won’t be too bored and I won’t be freezing. But other than seeing Skydeck and Millennium Park, we don’t have any other plans.

HELP! What are some fun restaurants, places or sights we should check out in Chicago??

Also, have you heard of Mapquest Vibe? It’s a really neat site Jon showed me that ranks neighborhood restaurants, shops and more based on their vibe and popularity scores! I am already addicted!