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In keeping with our healthy eating for 2012, Jon and I decided to go to Northstar Cafe at Easton last night for dinner. We have been to all three (Short North, Easton and Beechwold) Northstar locations before and frequently eat at the Short North one since it is closest to OSU. However, we thought it would be a nice change to try Easton’s location for dinner.

The restaurant prides itself on using organic ingredients and incorporating Ohio grown products into their dishes. Northstar’s philosophy is to be an environment friendly restaurant, so many of their supplies are made out of recycled materials.

The Easton location is the newest Northstar addition. It is absolutely beautiful inside! Loaded with windows and and tons of modern light fixtures, this location is bright and airy. The use of natural wood makes the restaurant feel homey and relaxed. Similar to the other two locations, Easton’s has a large outdoor patio, perfect for eating outside in warm weather! Unlike the other two, Easton’s is two stories tall and has a huge wood burning fireplace! The interior design is beautiful enough to stop in and check out.

The dinner menu at Northstar ranges from inventive salads, organic sandwiches and wood-fired flatbread pizzas! All three locations pretty much have the same menu, although I noticed the prices were a dollar or two higher at Easton. Jon and I both ordered the Sweet Basil Burrito with chicken. The burrito is loaded with grilled veggies, brown rice, rotissary chicken and a creamy, warm pesto sauce! Absolutely delicious!! It is a perfect, guilt-free dinner.

If you are looking for a healthy date night or delicious place to get an organic meal, stop in to any one of the Northstar Cafe locations around Columbus. Keep in mind, the dinner prices at Northstar are a little higher than most cafes where you order at the counter. An average dinner ranges between $10-14 dollars. However, well worth that price for the mouthwatering food. All three locations (Short North, Easton or Beechwold) are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are like me, you will be hooked after your first meal!