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Every Christmas eve my family and I get dressed up and go to a fabulous restaurant. Our trend for the last few years has been steakhouses! In keeping with our tradition, we went to Mitchell’s Steakhouse in downtown Columbus for our 2011 dinner.

The architecture alone makes the restaurant feel extra special. Its towering ceilings are painted exquisitely, while modern touches around the bar make the steakhouse feel current.

Now to the food review!

On the night my family and I went, I selected the 3 course meal:

1. To start, I chose the chop chop salad. It was AMAZIING (as always)! The salad was loaded with dates, corn and delicious goat cheese! You could make the salad its own meal with the addition of soup or an appetizer.

2. For the main course, I had a 7 oz Filet Mignon. I prefer my steaks pink in the center so I got it medium…it melted in my mouth! Sometimes I will ask for my steaks to by medium plus, making it in between medium and medium well (learned that tip in a cooking class at Sur La Table).

3. My side was sweet potato casserole, with an emphasis on sweet!! WARNING: Stay away from this side if you do not have a sweet tooth. The casserole was topped (maybe an inch thick) with crumbled brown sugar. I pushed a lot of it off, but as the name indicated, the topping was pretty sugary.

4. The grand finale of my mouth watering meal was dessert! I mean honestly, how could I resist? After finding a little extra room in my stomach, I ordered the divine chocolate cake with raspberry cream cheese frosting. If the name alone doesn’t make you want to indulge, the presentation definitely will! The cake was extremely moist and  accompanied with chocolate bark, in case you were not in a chocolate coma already. It was absolutely fabulous! A perfect ending to a decadent meal.

Overall, my experience at Mitchell’s was (and as it has always been) outstanding. You can not beat the impeccable service, excellent steaks or classic feel that is Mitchell’s Steakhouse. If you are looking for a wonderful date night or special dinner, I highly recommend making a reservation at Mitchell’s Steakhouse.